How does the satellite finder dial?


Satellite/Terrestial Receiver

How does the satellite finder dial?

After the purchase of satellite finder, how to set the dashboard has become very concerned about the issue, the following to tell us about the operation of the dashboard:

1. satellatic finder configuration spiral attenuator, the role is to adjust the size of the adjustment signal, the receiver power, the operation of the spiral attenuator will control the pointer on the scale table 5 lattice, satellite finder will be issued a weak sound, this time, slightly shaking the antenna, Close to the satellite you are looking for, satellite finder found a satellite signal input, the sound will increase, the pointer will rise to the scale table between 8-10 or higher, indicating that the satellite signal input. At this point combined with the receiver's signal quality cursor to see if you are looking for the satellite.

2.Satellite finder can not identify the user to find the satellite signal, any satellite signal input, satellite finder will show a signal. At this point only from the satellite receiver to enter the satellite parameters to find the signal quality cursor up to confirm.

3.Ku band can be directly connected, C-band tuning star in the satellite finder to the tuner between the string into a power splitter or 100 meters or so cable to attenuate the signal, otherwise the satellite finder will be self-excited lead to the needle can not Come down.

4. In the tall buildings or strong interference between the stars, satellite finder will be self-whistle and lead to the needle can not come down.

The above is a brief introduction to the satellite finder dashboard, learn more about the satellite finder dashboard, please pay attention to kepnixshop official website.