Non-Bluetooth class wireless mouse keyboard hidden trouble


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Non-Bluetooth class wireless mouse keyboard hidden trouble

Recently, the US network security company Bastille network company said that the current market, some wireless keyboard and mouse, and computer communication between the no encryption, will make "hackers" can take advantage.

At present a large number of wireless keyboard and mouse is a radio signal rather than Bluetooth and USB interface communication. Users in the keyboard and mouse operations will form a "packet", wireless transmission to the USB interface, and then by the computer to make the corresponding "response."

Bastille network company personnel to open a common US market wireless test interface to 7 brands of wireless mouse or keyboard for the test object, including Amazon, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, Logitech and Microsoft. The test found that the wireless data packets between the wireless mouse or the keyboard and the USB interface were not encrypted and could therefore be "replaced" by the test interface and sent a signal to the USB interface to allow the user to respond. "Hackers" can be in the distance of 100 meters from the computer for such remote operation.

Wireless keyboard and mouse should be encrypted communications packets, and then decrypt the USB interface, and each brand of various products should be used in different ways to avoid leakage of information. But with Bluetooth products based on industry-standard design and manufacture of different non-Bluetooth class wireless keyboard and mouse no industry standards, the manufacturers "each line is".

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