How to improve the wireless signal strength of notebook computers?


How to improve the wireless signal strength of notebook computers?

How can I increase the intensity and speed of notebook wireless signal reception? If you happen to have a notebook supported by the Intel Wireless Chipset, you can increase your notebook's ability to receive and send wireless signals. Here to tell you about it.

Use wifi adapter to connect.

How to speed up the WiFi connection? Not all wifi adapters are the same, and now there are many chipset manufacturers, such as Atheros, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Ralink, MediaTek and so on.

Notebook favorite Intel chipset, because it is equipped with some wifi adapter settings, can increase the notebook to receive the signal. With a simple click, you can access advanced adapter settings and configuration settings to meet your wireless network needs. The following are four kinds of features to help you maximize the signal received by the router.

1.Ad-hoc power management

Power-saving features for device-to-device networks.

(1) Disabled: Select Disable when connecting to a site that does not support ad-hoc power management.

(2) Maximum power savings: Select to optimize battery life.

(3) noisy environment: when connected to a noisy environment to choose to prevent performance degradation.

2. Roaming initiative

Define the WiFi client roaming destiny to improve the connection of the access point. Click on the default value to balance before roaming and performance

(1) minimum: your wireless client will not roam. Only important link quality deterioration will allow it to roam to another access point.

(2) low and medium high: allow roaming.

(3) medium: balanced between non-roaming and performance settings.

(4) Highest: Your WiFi client keeps track of link quality, and if any downgrade occurs, it will try to find and roam to a better access point.

3. Transmit power

The best setting is to set the transmit power to the lowest level, can still be compatible with the communication quality. This setting allows the maximum number of wireless devices to run in dense areas. It can reduce the interference with other devices sharing the radio spectrum. If you reduce the transmit power, it will reduce the radio coverage.

(1) Minimum: Set the adapter to the lowest transmission power. Increase coverage or limit coverage. You should reduce the coverage area of the high flow area to improve the overall transmission quality and avoid congestion or interference with other equipment.

(2) Medium / Low / Medium / High School: Set by region.

(3) Highest : Set the adapter to the maximum transmit power level. Use this setting to achieve maximum performance and range of limited radio environments.

4. Increased throughput: Increased send throughput by enabling packet bursts.

The default setting is disabled. When the Intel throughput increase feature is enabled, the wifi adapter may use short inter-bay intervals to transfer between packets, rather than waiting for distributed coordination functions to expire between frames and additional random backoff events. A shorter waiting time can lead to better throughput.

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