Android TV box What is the purchase skill?


Android TV box

Android TV box What is the purchase skill?

Home TV screen is getting bigger and bigger, the requirements of television programs have been from the smooth speed, program source on the basis of slowly toward the HD as the standard, we ask such a high case, how to buy Android TV box ?

1. Video decoding capability

Android TV box is the main function of the ability to video decoding; video decoding capabilities related to the network video playback speed, stability, and support the video format and so on. Only a strong video decoding capabilities to ensure a good user experience.

2. The operating system is easy to use.

Now a lot of set-top boxes are using the Andrews system, we all know that a set-top box to buy home, not just a person, but the whole family in use, data analysis shows that now more than 90% of the elderly, children , Women are good at electronic digital products, digital products are not in line; therefore, it is necessary to take into account the convenience of the operation of the set-top box.

3. Compatibility of third-party software

Network set-top box, the reason why a lot of popular reasons, you can install third-party software to upgrade and expand the content. Because of the reasons for the market environment, but not every network set-top box on third-party software has good compatibility, such as some boxes, it is only a low third-party software weight, so when running third-party software, Easy to flash phenomenon; there are some boxes on the firmware did not do optimization, but simply transplant the Andrews system, resulting in some software screen can not be full-screen phenomenon, this will give users a very bad experience.

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