Built-in projection function of the set-top box


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         Built-in projection function of the set-top box

With the rapid development of the Internet, network set-top box has gradually become the darling of the new generation, which is mainly due to the network set-top box ultra-high functional applications. The general network set-top boxes are equipped with Andrews system, you can install Andrews software. So that both Andrews game or Andrews video software can enjoy the installation of the application without having to pay any fees. Andrews system openness can be said that the network set-top box a big advantage, but if you want to practical applications also need external equipment, such as LCD TV and LCD display.

So, most of the family now use the network set-top boxes are mostly connected to the LCD TV, through the TV to achieve most of the Android TV box features. This will form a situation, you want to watch through the Android TV box program must have an external device, if the lack of external equipment, set-top box can not be used. Do Android TV box really can not do without external equipment?

In fact, with the development of science and technology, this new does not rely on external equipment, network set-top box has long been there. It is a smart projector, a new independent device does not rely on the network set-top box. Intelligent projector, as the name suggests, itself has a projection function, is a projector, you can small screen video or file multiplied to the big screen.

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